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Rules and notes

  • keep tests up to date
  • In order to run tests from the test case runner, you need to be sure the database from Hydrodesktop.database is copied into the binaries directory
  • Tests which use TestCases Attributes do not work in resharper 4 or 4.5 (maybe 5). Use the Nunit runner to run tests


We should start using Categories
  • Hydrodesktop Data
    • Data manager
    • Model
    • repository

Tested Areas

  • Hydrodektop.Data has unit test

Test Database

We need a standardized test database, so that the tests can be run on a known dataset.

User Interfaces and file output

Look as using approval tests:
Basically, an approval test will fail the first time, and anytime the output differs. Then you approve the result. The results can be stored in source control, so that you can keep a history.

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