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The HD plug ins need to incorporate unit testings

General Rules:
  • In Forms,
    • Avoid including methods that do processing in the form code.
    • move these methods to classes
    • Use an object to abstract the information on the form into a single object.
      • Eg the search form has an object, Search Criteria. A method called GetCrieria reads the information from the form
    • if you need to display an error message consider throwing an exception or creating an event
    • If you find yourself copying code, or duplicating code that manages states of a group of controls, make a method that manages the state of those controls
  • An object, and moving processing outside of the form allows for easier testing.
    • You can create use cases for the object, and pass them to the processing methods.

Plug-in directory layout for testing

In order for a plug in to be tested, the layout needs to be moved down a level, and the solution should be moved out of the plug-in directory. You can edit the solution file with a text editor.
Be sure to check that the dll's and other files are still being placed in the binaries directory( add a ../ to the output of the YouPlugIn project)
  • Source/PlugIns/YourPlugIn
    • YouPlugIn directory
      • code for the plug
    • YourPlugIn.sln
    • YoutPlugInTests directory
      • Name Assembly "Tests.PlugInName.dll"
      • sampleFiles (to test your plug in, if needed)


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