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  • Active - Active Development. Stable, features being added. Updates planned.
  • Stable - Completed. No updates anticipated. Developer will still respond to requests.
  • Testing - Under Initial development.
  • Needs Help - No longer has an active responsible party

Plug-In Name Developer(s) Status Info Last Updated Has Help File
EditView Edward0078 Active Sept 2010 no
ExportToCsv jd29877 Stable Sept 2010 yes
FetchBasemap jseppi Stable Sept 2010 no
HelpTab twhitvine Active Sept 2010 yes
Hydromodeler goodall Active Sept 2010 yes
Hydromodeler2 goodall Testing Sept 2010 no
HydroR sreeder Active Sept 2010 no
ImportFromWaterML jirikadlec2 status Sept 2010 no
MetadataFetcher who Needs Help Sept 2010 no
RIbbonSample(s) jirikadlec2 Stable Sept 2010 no
Search2 grooves Active Sept 2010 no
TableView YangCaoChina Stable Sept 2010 no
TSA Edward0078 Stable Sept 2010 no
ToolBox who status Sept 2010 no

Tool Name who status Info Last Updated
HydroForecaster Tevaganthan status Sept 2010

Removed Plug-Ins

the svn path may be hidden and not visible via http browse
Plug-In Name svn path Reason
Search Source/Plugins/Search Replaced by Search2

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