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HydroDesktop Database Abstraction Layer

The library HydroDesktop.Data.dll contains built-in functions for accessing the HydroDesktop database. To use the build-in functions in a plug-in, add a reference to

The class code should have the following using statements:
using HydroDesktop.Database
using HydroDesktop.ObjectModel

Important classes in HydroDesktop.Data.dll


This is a static class with current database connection information.
  • DataRepositoryConnectionString - Connection string of the currently used HydroDesktop data repository database
  • DataRepositoryOperations - The DbOperations helper class for accessing the HydroDesktop data repository database
  • SQLRepositoryManager - The DataManagerSQL helper class for saving values to the HydroDesktop data repository database
  • ThemeManager - this class can be used for working with themes that are shown in the map.


Contains methods for accessing the database using SQL queries
  • ExecuteNonQuery(string sqlString) - Executes a SQL statement. This can be used for INSERT and DELETE statements.
  • LoadTable(string sqlQuery) - Based on a SQL query, returns a DataTable that matches the query results
  • ExecuteSingleOutput(string sqlString) - Executes a SQL query with a single output value. Returns the value of the first column of the first matching row of the query result.

Sample Code

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