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This is a roadmap of priority tasks for HydroDesktop 1.3.
Many of these tasks are DotSpatial related tasks.

HydroDesktop 1.3 Roadmap, November - December 2011
Work Item Group







Week 4

28 November- 4 December

Week 5

5-11 December


Transfer all help files from 1.3 (J)

Done (Nov 13)


Write help for faceted search Done

Write help for docking Done

 Create quick start guide for 1.3 (Tim)

Write help for Search (Tim)

Developer Documentation

 List of needed documentation:

plugin dev guide v1.3 (DS 1.0) Done

hydrodesktop API 


Update HD 1.3 plugin tutorial Done

 Create 1.3 HydroDesktop.Interfaces

developer documentation

 Documentation on how to work with

HydroDesktop databases

Attribute Table

research options for moving code to an Extension (m)

Fix HD Bugs:

8154, 8155

 Fix HD Bugs:







 Re-factoring of selection in the

attribute table


 Selected layer should be the

first layer visible in identifier (m)

 the identifier shows multiple objects around the cursor instead of showing only the nearest object.

 Support identifier for raster

and image layers




 Study mechanism of selection (m)

(table-map-identifier selection


Be able to remove features from the selection.



Add more selection options

(HD Bug 7370)

Synchronize selection of points in map

and entries in Time Series View

Search 3

 Implement keyword selection (Maxium)


 Improve usability of keywords

and data source forms Done

 Integration of metadata fetcher
Faceted Search

 Incorporate code from Alex into HD 1.3 codebase (Alex, J) Done

 Test code from Alex


Hydro NuGet Packages  Create Nuspec file for each project (J) Done
 Solve shared dll problem Done
 publish packages on
Time Series Data Grouping


 Write functional specification for time series layer grouping (J)      
Projections - Refactoring

Complete testing of Krovak projection (J)


     improve proj4string - esristring translation by using a lookup table  

  Study WMS standard and look for existing libraries  Add general WMS support to WebMap plugin   
  Test opening various NetCDF files in MW 6  

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