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Branching in the Codeplex SVN bridge does not always work,
so for branching the hydrodesktop that has a lot of binaries,
we need to do it in steps


  1. create folder
  2. svn copy folders from trunk
  3. add externals
  4. add build to teamcity
  5. checkout instller Build folder
    1. test installer build
  6. Configure the TeamCity build


Branch in SVN

Note for some reason, just branching entire hydrodesktop/trunk does not work in codeplex.
 It is probably a memory issue since we have multiple large binaries in the tree.
 These steps are the workaround (as of Oct 21th, 2010
  • create a folder in hydrodesktop/branch/BRANCH_NAME
  • TortoiseSVN branch tag (svn copy the folders
    • binaries
    • source
    • build
    • Databases
    • Installer
    • UItests
    • file: subversion.externals.txt
    • Commit Source 1 at a time
      • create a source directory
      • add
      • commit
      • branch each folder in the trunk/source
        • Libraries
        • Main
        • Plugins
        • Tools
  • add a README (aka READMEbranchv11_oct19)
    • add to svn
    • right click on hydrodesktop/trunk, select properties
    • Export properties
    • right click on BRANCH_NAME, select properties
    • click import the saved properties file

Test the autobuild

Do the steps indicated in HydroDesktop Building and Testing with the following modifications
  • checkout the build (hydrodesktop/branch/BracnhName/Build)
    • pass msbuild a property wiht the branch location eg for branch/v11_oct19
    • msbuild /p:SvnRoot=

Configure the Team City Build

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