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The following plug-ins can be used as a sample starting point for HydroDesktop plug-in developers:

Sample Plug-ins

Shows how to add a ribbon button, ribbon tab, ribbon panel and a separate main view from a plug-in. The source code can be found under Source/Plugins/RibbonSampleCSharp (c#) and Source/Plugins/RibbonSampleVB (VB.NET). Use one of the sample plug-in projects as a template for a new HydroDesktop plugin.

Testing the Sample Plugin

To test the sample plugin, copy the plugin assembly DLL file to the plugins subdirectory of the directory where HydroDesktop is installed. (c:\Program Files\CUAHSI HIS\HydroDesktop\Plugins\)

Additional Sample Plugins

Export to CSV

Shows how to create a new dialog form, read data from the main DataRepository database using SQL queries and how to export the data to a CSV file in a BackgroundWorker. Source code can be found under Source/Plugins/ExportToCSV

Import from WaterML

Shows how to use the HydroDesktop web service functions, data access layer and object model to read a list of time series from a WaterML document and save the data values and related information to the database.

Plugin Developer Documentation

HydroDesktop Plugin Development Guide

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