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Version 1.0 Task List

Major development tasks underway for HydroDesktop, including assignments indicating who is working on what. "Task items" are based on the descriptions in the Functional Specifications document.

Task Item Status Responsible Entities
Core Functionality
3.1.1. Data Discovery Using the HIS Central Metadata Catalog Initial version complete ISU
3.1.2. Data Discovery Directly From WaterOneFlow Web Services Initial version complete UT
3.1.3. Data Discovery for Thematic Datasets Not started UT
3.1.4. Processing of Search Results Initial version complete ISU
3.2.1. Downloading Observational Data Initial version complete ISU
3.2.2. Downloading GIS Datasets Not started. Need to define this more. Perhaps this is the WMS/WFS plugin? Add Google Earth, Virtual Earth, and/or ESRI ArcGIS online UT
3.3.1. Visualization and Analysis of Spatial Data Essentially complete through use of MW 6.0 components ISU
3.3.2. Visualization and Analysis of Observational Data First version graphing plug-in complete. USU
3.4.1. Importing and Exporting Spatial Datasets Importing GIS data from local files works. Need to add WMS/WFS service and exporting of themes and NetCDF support. ISU using GDAL/MapWindow
3.4.2. Importing and Exporting Observational Datasets Exporting - initial version complete (UT), Importing - under construction (USU) UT/USU
3.5. Project Workspace Not started ISU
3.6. Plug-in Interface Base interface fairly stable. Proposed changes include improving tab management and streamlined HIS database access through abstraction layer (see B.1. below) ISU
Additional Described Plug-ins
A.1. Data Series Transformation Plug-in Extract capabilities from ODM tools and use them here? USU?
A.2. NetCDF/UNIDATA Data Provider Plug-in Not Started None
A.3. OpenMI Modeling Plug-in Loosely integrated version done... working on more tightly integrated version? SC
A.4. Workflow Plug-in Not Started - potentially do as a Trident based tool in collaboration with CSIRO? CSIRO?
A.5. Spatial Data Discovery and Download Plug-in Not Started ?
A.6. BASINS Data Downloader Not Started ?
A.7. Scripting Plug-in USU working on (HydroR) USU
Specific Additional Tasks
B.1. Database abstraction layer Under construction ISU/SDSC/UT
Additional Tasks Associated with INRA ICEWATER
C.1. Security for Data Publication Not Started ISU (contributions from Montana?)
C.2. QA/QC Data Checking and Editing Not Started ISU/USU
C.3. Data posting/publishing from HydroDesktop to server Not Started ISU

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