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1.4 Recommended Release

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Downloads: 5854
Change Set: b0a0080bfde8
Released: Mar 13, 2012
Updated: Dec 21, 2012 by danames
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Recommended Download

Application HydroDesktop_Installer_1.4.11.1.exe
application, 40550K, uploaded Mar 13, 2012 - 4795 downloads

Other Available Downloads

Application HydroDesktop
application, 51109K, uploaded Mar 13, 2012 - 1059 downloads

Release Notes

This is HydroDesktop 1.4 recommended release which is based on the 1.4.11 experimental release.

The recommended download is the installer.

If you have restricted access on your computer, then you can download the zip file, unblock the zip file, unzip it and run HydroDesktop.exe in the unzipped folder. (in Windows you need to "unblock" the zip file and ensure that .NET Framework 4 is installed)

Known issues in 1.4:
Cannot change the name of a data sites layer before downloading data.
Display of graph and table is slow for large databases and large time series.
Searching is slow when selecting a large area or a large number of polygons.
EPA Delineation tool doesn't delineate watersheds in New Mexico or outside the U.S
Errors downloading data from EPA and HydroNexrad data sources (due to problems on server)

New features in 1.4:
Showing aggregated data values in map, geostatistical tool (kriging and IDW interpolation), option to update all time series from server, Extension manager with support for installing online extensions

Issues fixed in 1.4:
#8391 Data Download: Time is Truncated from DateTime
#8430 Searching for Streamflow; Precipitation only searches for Precipitation
#8354 Zoom to layer with one point zooms in too far
#8409 Users with limited privileges cannot install HydroDesktop
#8420 HydroModeler Help is out of date
#8291 Help files didn't browse in google chrome
#7557 Text transmission limitation in HydroR
#8387 Allow Multiple versions of HydroDesktop on the same system
#8326 Add items to the user guide
#8421 Clip raster fails when polygon is not completely inside the raster
#8429 EPA Delineation - Watershed boundary is not displayed
#8418 Edit View - Edit Series fails in international language settings
#8417 Saving Project doesn't save all files to user-specified folder
#8410 User with limited privileges cannot modify sample projects
#8414 Change database fails if current database doesn't exist
#8307 Missing tool for deselecting features
#8416 File - New doesn't reset form title and database path
#8388 File - New doesn't reset the web basemap
#8411 Change Database - Context menu items not added to map layer
#8412 Incorrect context menu of Data Sites layer after opening project
#8363 Startup Logging
#8400 Metadata fetcher - incorrect start date and end date in search results
#8399 Metadata fetcher - improve speed
#8404 Data download fails when download directory doesn't exist
#8351 Update Unpublished Web Services Tutorial
#8396 Incorrect Lat / Lon display in status bar after creating new empty project
#8352 Clicking on Search Tab goes to Map Tab
#8257 Edit View - Data Filter - Show number of selected values
#8366 File - New doesn't do anything
#8371 Unhandled error when opening project file that includes delineated watersheds
#8384 Project always opens in WGS 84 Projection
#8375 Show Observation Data Values in Map and in Layer Attribute Table
#8379 Series without a Theme are not shown in the map
#8374 Edit Plug-in fails to Add Point
#8361 File association with dspx project file not working
#8370 HydroDesktop shows Welcome screen if I double-click a project file
#8279 Series Selector does not show all series
#8332 Change database - Data Sites are not shown in map

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