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Search - 'HIS Central' and 'Metadata Cache'

Jul 8, 2010 at 5:45 PM
Edited Jul 8, 2010 at 6:13 PM

We have a request to modify the current HydroDesktop search module to search both from HIS Central server and from the local metadata cache at the same time. This would be a more user-friendly option because most users don't know the meaning of 'HIS Central' or 'Metadata Cache'.

The main technical obstacle in implementing this feature are the keywords. On HIS Central, the keyword ontology tree is provided and the search methods work directly with keywords. On the local metadata cache, we don't have information how the variable names in the local cache are linked to keywords.

Possible implementations are:

(A) Assign variables to ontology keywords in the Metadata Fetcher plugin:

  • (1)The user selects a web service and chooses "update".
  • (2) After update is complete, a new screen with the list of variable names from the service and the CUAHSI ontology tree structure is shown (similar interface as in Search V2 plugin)
  • (3) The user assigns the correct ontology keyword to each variable name.

(B) Add the variable names from the metadata cache as a new category of the ontology tree:

  • (1) The tree would contain a new tree node "Other Keywords".
  • (2) all variable nodes would be added under "Other Keywords".

(C) Require each WaterOneFlow web service on every HydroServer to provide the keyword - variable mapping information. This option would be easiest for HydroDesktop developers but most complicated for the HydroServer managers.

Any thoughts from the group how to proceed?