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This will be a page that lists some best practices


Use the HydroDekstop methods. If you need a directory, ask if it can be added. That way if we change them
  • project
    • Apply to a specific project
  • User Settings (aka User/AppData/...)
    • HydroDesktop.Configuration.Settings.Instance.
    • This get's buried deep. Do we want to have
  • application
    • HydroDesktop.Configuration.Settings.Instance.
    • read, avoid writing
  • temp
    • HydroDesktop.Configuration.Settings.Instance.
    • clean up after yourself

Fixed Strings
In order to allow for customization, item names, like the name of a plug-in (or in the future label names) should be stored in a location that can be edited
.Net provides two types:
  • settings.settings (will become app.config or xxx.dll.config)
  • resources
  • string resource Examples
    • Items like the name of the plug-in
  • settings examples
If you have a filename or directory,
Use .NetSettings settings

Reading files
make a method to read a file from disk. If the location of the file changes, it will be easier to find.


  • In Forms
    • Avoid including methods that do processing in the form code.
    • move these methods to classes
    • Use an object to abstract the information on the form into a single object.
      • Eg the search form has an object, Search Criteria. A method called GetCrieria reads the information from the form
    • if you need to display an error message consider throwing an exception or creating an event
    • If you find yourself copying code, or duplicating code that manages states of a group of controls, make a method that manages the state of those controls
  • An object, and moving processing outside of the form allows for easier testing.
    • You can create use cases for the object, and pass them to the processing methods.

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