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1.6 Recommended Release

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Released: Oct 28, 2013
Updated: Oct 29, 2013 by jacobean
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Application HydroDesktop_Installer_1.6_Recommended.exe
application, 27374K, uploaded Oct 29, 2013 - 7363 downloads

Release Notes

This is HydroDesktop 1.6.13 Experimental Release - now labeled as the official 1.6 recommended release. All new releases will have the name "2.0.x experimental".

Issues fixed in 1.6.13
8795 Fatal Error

Issues fixed in 1.6.12
8693 Select text when entering date control in search tab
8788 Closing HD spelling error
8793 Unhandled Exception

New Features in 1.6.11
8353 Add Europe Project Template

Issues fixed in 1.6.11
8649 Allow user to configure number of values downloaded per request
8767 Site Labels should be off by default

Issues fixed in 1.6.10
8681 RHydro Namespace issue
8765 Issue with citation on data export
8744 Remove "More Information" from Local Data Sources in Select Data Sources Window
7042 Re-projecting in HD
8632 Data Aggregation Extension needs documentation
8543 EditView: Onscreen Instructions
8644 Export not cancelable
8503 toggle "show results" after removing layers
8476 Duplicate units
8635 Search return "No results were found" all the time
8767 Site Labels should be off by default
8720 Site Names not all showing
8306 Change highlighting of selected features
8653 Exception exporting selected shapes and reporting error
8594 Can't reopen the project
8768 Set Dynamic Visibility Scale Only Works One Way
8575 Can't select / download stations?
8576 Cant tell a station is selected
8777 Select Data Sources kills Current View option
8775 Unhandled Exception
8769 missing of
8771 Fatal Error
8770 Unhandled Exception
8732 Quick start guide link does not work

New Features in 1.6.9
7109 Set default map context to the users location
8759 Additional Features for Select Data Sources
8625 Populate citation information to exported files

Issues fixed in 1.6.9
8756 Legend/Time Series Window not toggling correctly
8755 Fatal Error when downloading Shale Network plugin
8754 Delete all residue when uninstalling HD
8739 Unhandled Exception when removing geographic coverage
8744 Remove "More Information" from Local Data Sources in Select Data Sources Window
8406 Show Values in Map - Decimal places
8061 Graph view: legend is covering part of the y-axis label
8511 unhandled exception opening saved project
8575 Can't select / download stations?
8576 Cant tell a station is selected
7273 ExtentsChanged event is firing too many times
8600 Unhandled Exception
8553 Search return doesn't adhere to polygon selected
8758 Fatal Error
8558 Incorrect display in 'selected layer' status bar after I remove a layer
8736 No NWIS results in search for O-18, deuterium
8267 Error downloading WGR RFC data
8704 found wrong data; don't clear keywords
8716 Revise Search Area Options
8669 selection of features appearance, returned search
8763 Downloaded data not in Table?
8761 basemap no-show
8762 doesn't like keyword "conductivity"
8718 group buttons criteria
8517 Edit-menu graph legend is overzealous
8690 Improve default data layer symbology
8713 Change project and legend-layer names

New Features in 1.6.8
8727 Added keyboard shortcuts for moving in the map
8700 Simplified selection and deselection
8751 Updates show "What's New?" section
8753 Smaller and simplified Data Sources Window layout
8733 Added single thread option to search download settings
- The new CUAHSI MyGet feed is set to the default and will be the supported feed from this version on

Issues fixed in 1.6.8
8503 toggle "show Attribute table" after closing window
8734 Renamed Download Options dialog to Download Settings
8737 Edit View Chart - Incorrect Updating
8120 HydroDesktop Flickering Bug
8617 Unhandled Exception when using exit in menu
8726 Incorrect Lat Long calculation
8741 Select Data Sources clears Draw Rectangle layer from legend
8743 toggle select button
8594 Can't reopen the project
8744 Removed "More Information" from Local Data Sources
8748 Changed "To Extents" Button label
8749 Changed Zoom to Coordinates window label
8750 Handle multiple services with same WaterML link
8752 Only show selected when Identify Tool is used
8746 Update All button fixed in Extension Manager
8747 Various errors with updating extensions

New Features in 1.6.7
8705 Changes to Time Series window
8702 Changes to map navigation
8717 Revise the Data Sources dialog (search ribbon)
8728 Add diagram/Key for Box and Whisker plots

Issues fixed in 1.6.7
8661 Tabbing into date text box should select all
8722 Export dialog box
8695 Change Delineate Watershed labels
8560 Search Tab - Redesign of Area Group
8671 Graph point legends dark, match to graph
8708 Time Series complex filter, fix edit
8516 Graph Legend colors not representing
8675 Unpublished Web Services Tutorial is out of date
8697 Unable to submit Error Report
8729 Divide by Zero when Unminimizing window.
8685 Ambiguous Time-Step Aggregation
8724 Clicking Advanced Options in Data Sources results in Unhandled Exception
8711 legend data sites # of observations, use hyphen

Issues fixed in 1.6.6
8710 Search progress, add # series
8719 Change warning sign for download
8712 balloon station map, change to approx
8706 Simple Filter changes
8530 No way to effectively change colors of lines in graph view plugin with multiple time series
8701 Quick Text Change
8716 Revise Search Area Options
-Additionally, an issue with BruTile was resolved that would previously not allow it to work on any machine without the 4.0 .net framework.

New Features in 1.6.5
8687 Added quick start button to help ribbon

Issues fixed in 1.6.5
8687 Changed links for contact support button on help ribbon
8689 Changed background color and added border to splash screen
8688 Changed background color and updated user guide/quick start buttons on welcome screen

New Features in 1.6.4
8683 Allow AND filtering for Searching

Issues fixed in 1.6.4
8670 Remove theme from s filter, if all series for theme deleted
8672 export dialogue shows data network for removed data
8684 Legend not being redrawn after it goes offscreen
8487 Issue with date conversion on service response

New Features in 1.6.3
There were at least two new features added:
Save Print Layout as Common Image Files.
Configure number of downloads per request.

Also some minor bug fixes. See Issues for more information.

New Features in 1.6.2
Auto-Update now fully functional. Checks for updates when you start the program. Additionally, users can decide which feeds to check for auto-update. New Download Options button allows customization of the number of values per request in downloading. It can also be set to download all values in a single request. The Search box has been refactored and allows users to only search for one term and when typing, a dropdown list will suggest a keyword to the user. Additionally, Multiple keywords can be chosen using the Select Multiple Keywords button below the new search box.

Issues fixed in 1.6.2
8475 - Update link to ESRI Hydro Basemap
8646 - Missing Scrollbar in Time Series table
8652 - Complex filter buttons hidden in time series tab
8628 - Issue with Current View button
8654 - If the user is working from a template and hits "save"
8641 - DotSpatial Tools, clean up tool progress dialog
8633 - Data Aggregation extension should be included by default
8631 - Better documentation, publishing requirements needed for extensions
8627 - Hard Crash on Open Sample Project
8642 - DotSpatial Tools, Clip Raster Layer hangs
8634 - Auto Update Extensions
8658 - Search: Inform user if date is invalid
8569 - Combined Keyword Refactoring Issue
8649 - Allow user to configure number of values downloaded per request

New Features in 1.6.1
HydroDesktop automatically checks for new updates for plugins every time it is started. This is the first iteration of this feature. Two things that still definitely need to be added are the following: (1) the ability to turn off autoupdating and (2) notification to the user that updates have occurred and HD must be restarted for them to take effect. Please add thoughts to Issue 8634.

Issues fixed in 1.6.1
8630 - OUT OF DATE - Interpolate Precipitation - Elbe Watershed
8623 - Uninstalling HydroDesktop does not uninstall Application Extensions
8615 - Remove layer button does not work on sublayers

New Features in 1.6.0
Extension Manager able to Update more plugins. Updates available to this install should include a new MenuBar plugin and a new ExtensionManager. This is the first step towards a HydroDesktop that can autoupdate.

Issues fixed in 1.6.0
8624 Refactoring Update Functionality - Extension Manager

Reviews for this release

Generally speaking HydroDesktop2 is a recommended higher level requirement because its a better guideline than minimum system requirements and represent the ideal situation in which to run its software in order to have a fully usable and enjoyable experience with a software application.
by Jerusalem2020J2IL on Jan 20, 2014 at 3:40 PM
HydroDesktop-CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System Desktop Application-Download 1.6 Recommendation is above average One of the best on the CodePlex market.
by CenecaJet82 on Jan 3, 2014 at 1:40 AM