HydroDesktop Quick Start Guides

  • HydroDesktop_Quick_Start_Guide_1.5.pdf - With a 15-minute walkthrough, this document illustrates how to discover, access, visualize and export hydrologic time series data using HydroDesktop. If you are a new HydroDesktop user, read this guide to get started.
  • Creating and Sharing a Sample Project - This tutorial shows how to share your HydroDesktop data and analysis results by creating an online sample project package that can be installed by all HydroDesktop users.
  • Interpolate Precipitation - Elbe Watershed - This tutorial will help you create a raster map of precipitation using inverse distance weighted interpolation and calculate total precipitation in a watershed. (you can also download the tutorial in Word)

User Manual

Contact Information

HydroDesktop Developer Documentation

  • See Getting HydroDesktop for detailed instructions how to get the latest HydroDesktop source code
  • The Developer Documentation will contain a detailed description of the HydroDesktop classes, testing procedures, custom extensions or plugins, MW coding conventions, the hydromodeler plugin, database abstraction layer, web service components and plug-in interface.
  • Automated Build System (log in a guest), search for HydroDesktop Project:
  • Slides demonstrating the current overall structure, design and architecture of the HydroDesktop source code. The following presentation discusses the currently used and proposed approach for communicating with web services and databases. Arrows in the slide represent the flow of data. The other two images are class diagrams of the HydroDesktop object model and the database abstraction layer.
  • HydroDesktop Architecture Overview
  • Class diagram of the HydroDesktop object model
  • Updating DotSpatial DLLs in HydroDesktop

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