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Improving selection in HydroDesktop search

Oct 1, 2012 at 6:16 PM

Currently new users are confused how the selection in HydroDesktop works, especially selecting shapes in the map like selecting states or selecting countries.

Here is a suggested change to the interface:

Area search option: Current view, Draw Rectangle, Selected Features

 - these 3 options should be toggle-buttons (only one option can be switched on at one time)

Map quick navigation tools: Pan, In, Out,

- these 3 options control the mouse cursor (zoom in cursor, zoom out cursor, pan cursor)

Map selection tools: Select by Map, Select by Table, Unselect

- Select by map: changes mouse cursor to 'select' and allows selecting features in current layer

- Select by table: displays the attribute table window for the current layer, and allow selection there

- Unselect (currently named 'clear selection'): unselects all selected features in current layer

- Attribute Table (currently named 'select by attribute')

Additional changes: Improve the tooltip text. Instead of Select Features, show: 'Select features in the current map layer'

Please comment if you think this re-design will improve end-user experience in HD search.

Oct 26, 2012 at 7:48 PM

Thanks for posting and looking for input, Jiri!

Let's create a process for discussing proposed changes with developers and Users Committee.

What is the status on this proposal right now?

: )    Kathleen

Oct 26, 2012 at 9:21 PM

A graphical design of improving selection is shown in:

The status of this item is that Dan Ames and Jon Pollak will review these proposed changes and add their comments on Monday 29th Oct . Then, a new specification of select and deselect behavior will be posted for user committee comments. 

Additional usability issue to be considered:

Sometimes selection operates on the selected layer, and sometimes it operates on all layers (may not be clear to all users. ArcGIS behaves like this, but QGIS or MapWindow always does selection on the selected layer only). If the 'Map Layers' title is selected, then selection operates on all layers. This means, if you have a 'counties' and 'states' layers, clicking on county also selects the whole state in the 'states' layer.If one of the layers is selected (it is highlighted in the list of layers), then selection operates on the selected layer only.