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Building HydroDesktop

Jun 5, 2011 at 9:38 PM

For all new developers in the team: this is how to build HydroDesktop from the code in VS.NET 2010:

1) Get the source code using TortoiseHG - see detailed instruction at: Getting HydroDesktop Source Code

2) Go to Source\Main and build HydroDesktop.sln

3) Go to Source\Plugins and build HydroDesktopPlugins.sln


Important notice:

HydroDesktop uses the DotSpatial framework for the map display and geographic operations. It uses NuGet for getting the latest release of DotSpatial. To force the build to get the latest version of DotSpatial, close Visual studio and delete the Source\Main\Packages folder which will run NuGet and fetch the latest build of DotSpatial.